Game Music Awards

Congratulations to the winners 2018!

Game Audio Awards 2018 Winners

We had an awesome gala with awesome international quests, thanks for everyone who showed up! And big congratulations to the winners! …AND THE WINNERS ARE… Best Game Music Jonne Valtonen  […]

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Game Music Awards is now Game Audio Awards!

We’ve been taking a wee longer break and been updating our concept and therefore, name. This year we are presenting a whole new category: SOUND DESIGN! Due to our renewed […]

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Game Music Awards 2016 Winners

BEST GAME MUSIC 2016: 1. Nibblers / Salla Hakkola 2. Quantum Break / Petri Alanko 3. Retro Shot / Tommi Salomaa & Joonas Mäkilä 4. Angry Birds 2 / Elvira […]

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The Jury 2018
Ilkka Väisänen

Ilkka Väisänen is a Finnish sound designer, a musician and educator. His career with audio started at the age of four, when he saw the bright blinking lights of the neighbroring recording studio. A bit later he studied music at the Riihimäki conservatory, Oulunkylä pop/jazz-school and has graduated from MI, Los Angeles as a professional drummer. As a sound designer for motion picture he did his masters at the University of Arts and Design, Helsinki. His creative works can be heard in countless tours, recordings, animations, documentaries, motion pictures as well as in television. Lately he has joined the audio teaching faculty of the Helsinki vocational college as a full time educator.  

Salla Hakkola

Salla Hakkola is a composer, harpist and a performance artist who works with different styles of music and art. She has graduated from Sibelius Academy in 2006 and is now finalizing her second master’s degree, this time on world music. Salla has worked as a composer for Rovio Entertainment since 2011. Her music for Rovio’s game “The Fruit Nibblers” was selected as the best game music in Game Music Awards 2016.

Felix Diekhake

Felix Diekhake is a project manager, sound designer and composer working at Dynamedion. Passionate about music from an early age, he has succeeded in turning this passion into a profession. Diekhake has worked on countless games from AAA titles to small indie productions, amongst them games such as Mortal Kombat X, Hitman (2016), Elder Scrolls Online, The Lion’s Song and Total War: Warhammer.

Milla Viljamaa

Milla Viljamaa is a Finnish musician, composer and producer known for her creative works in various fields of music ranging from folk, tango, rock, pop and chamber music to theatre, opera, ballet and film productions as well as different kinds of concerts. Her music can be heard for example in the movie “Moomins on the Riviera”. Her work as a composer received significant recognition when she was granted the 2012 Teosto award for her solo album “Minne”.

Michael Schwendler

Michael Schwendler is a composer and sound designer who has been a part of Dynamedions BOOM Library team since the beginning. After his studies of environmental science he started producing royalty free music for Dynamedion and ended as an in-house sound designer after a couple of years. Schwendler has now worked on sound design for 13 years – his work can be heard for example on Remedy’s Alan Wake and  a number of other AAA titles, countless mobile games as well as  a huge number of BOOM Library sounds.